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Based on the classic sci-fi television series, Space: 1999 Alien Seed (ISBN 0-971-4785-0-3) is an exciting 196 page original story novel that is sure to be sought by followers of the show, fans of writer EC Tubb, and sci-fi readers in general.

It also includes essays discussingimportant themes and topics in science fiction.

Elvin "El" Lincoln -- Kevin Peter Hall Johnny Bukowski ("Johnny B.") -- Mark Thomas Miller Gloria Dinallo -- Cortney Cox ("Friends" 1996) Jane Miller -- Jennifer Holmes Dick Stetmeyer -- Max Wright (ALF 1986-90, Buffalo Bill 1983-4) Miss Nance -- Diane Civita.Mission: Impossible, CBS, 17 Sep 1966-8 Sep 1973 by ftp Listed here because, in the James Bond tradition, it sometimes crossed the line from Spy story to Spy Spoof, to Science Fiction.

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Entries include an introductoryessay tracing the history of SF films in that decade.

Payne -- Jane Longhurst; Teacher Miss Harrow -- Robynne Bourne; Teacher Mr Hohenhaus -- Alex Menglet; Sally -- Celeste Amenta; Lynne -- Susan Ellis; Hoon -- Arch Roberts; Pat -- James McKenna; David Carruthers -- Davud Walters; Melissa -- Desiree Munro; Bindy -- David Hoflin; Ben -- Steven Haggar; Emilia -- Joah Murray; Detainer -- Micheal Smith; Dissidents -- Grant Nouldery, Paul Deir; Freedom Fighters -- Andrew Beresford, Janel Anderson; Technical Wizzard -- Micheal Burkett; Chef -- Julius Szappanos; Greengrocer -- Luigi Cengarle; Trevor -- Kevin Barber; Girl 1 -- Kate Michalak; Girl 2 -- Stacey Valkenberg; Sports Doctor -- Ralph Marsden; Newsreader 1 -- Doug Bennett; Newsreader 2 -- Margot Fenley; Postie -- Lidia Faranda; Inspector -- Brian Hannan; Mick -- Jeff Korski; Ace -- Maurice Annese; Headsman -- Richard Cordner; Fashion Buyers -- Cerdine Souvarian, Donald Hirst; Science Presenter -- Magnus Clark; Scientist -- Neale Warrington; White Haired Man -- Andrew McCarthy; Receptionist -- Karmen Raspovic; Fisherman -- Phillip Reilly; Diner -- Ashley Eccles; Promoter -- Mark Neal; Balladeer -- Jasper Bagg; Dabney Digby -- Peter Hosking; Local Boy 1 -- Scott Duff; Local Boy 2 -- Wayne Bentham; Roobots: Claudia Dicosmo; Louise Hill; Kristen Bentley; Kim Holgate; Heidi Richardson; Rachel Ward; Leanne Cherney; Dianne Jenkins; Victoria Caimirri; Mabla -- Pia Morley; Nedis -- Finn Greentree-Keane; Organiser -- Eloise Linton-Smith; Zeppy Puppeteer -- Winston Appleyard; Zeppy Handler -- Adam Pietrzak; Robot Wrangler -- Adam Pietrzak; Qwrk Skating Double -- Will Stayles; Voice of Dovis -- Amanda Douge; 28 Episodes in Season 1: 1: DON'T FORGET TO TURN LEFT 2: EXILES ON RENMARK STREET 3: NEXT ITEM ON THE SCHEDULE - SCHOOL 4: FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL 5: HOMESICKNESS 6: A DAY AT THE BEACH 7: A VISITOR FROM ANOTHER PLANET 8: X IS NOT HERSELF 9: THE JACKSON MUTINY 10: THE TURNING POINT 11: HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS 12: X - THE UNKNOWN FACTOR 13: FUN IS DANGEROUS 14: QWRK LANDS ON HIS FEET 15: HEARING A DIFFERENT DRUMMER 16: THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL 17: STRANGE ENCOUNTERS 18: UNDERSTANDING THE MATERIAL WORLD 19: WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RACE 20: WE'RE THEM NOW 21: ILLEGAL ALIENS 22: GROWING UP QUICK 23: THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL 24: THE PAST IS CREEPING BACK 25: CRESCENDO 26: DARK NIGHT, STAR BRIGHT 27: TRIAL BY LAVA 28: WE LIVE ON THE BEST ONE Above data adapted from data from web site: by Daniel Hofverberg Plankvägen 4 932 37 Ursviken SWEDENHard Time on Planet Earth, CBS, 1989Hauser's Memory, NBC, 1970 TV movie based on novel by Curt Siodmak.


Writers: Danny DiTata, Others {to be done} Starring Vopices (Credits order):> Ikky Tenrio -- Samantha Reynolds; Joseph Motiki; Lisa Yamanaka; Susan Laney Dalton; Jamie Watson; Referee -- Dennis Akayama; Darren Frost; Robert Tinkler; Ashley Taylor; Joanne Vannicola Samantha -- Julie Lemieux; Martin Villafana; Paul Haddad; Terry McQurring; Baton -- Raoul Bhaneja Language: English Men in Black, late 1997 or early 1998 Spin-off from the Columbia movie Men Into Space, CBS, 30 Sep 1959-7 Sep 1960 by Marc Frattasio Triggered by the Russian launch of Sputnik on 4-5 October 1957, this explicitly science fictional show had technical support from USAF, Navy, Army, and various scientific organizations, in an impressive attempt at authenticity -- making this the first "Hard Science Fiction" series on television.

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Victor Lopez Jane -- Jean Marie Hon Allen -- Anson Downes Creator/Producer -- Herb Solow.The Man from U.N.C.L.E., NBC, 22 Sep 1964-15 Jan 1968 Listed here because, in the James Bond tradition, it sometimes crossed the line from Spy story to Spy Spoof, to Science Fiction.