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Could something like this process make the face, the “other” of human trafficking more visible, more identifiable? Would this help politically? Organizationally? Strategically?

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In a curious way, and I don’t know how useful this can be, it might be that the process of thinking through the complex nature of human sexuality, as I touched upon earlier, might help us to move beyond relating to the human trafficking industry, both its victims and its perpetrators, as belonging solely to the domain of the Degraded Other. By thinking through the nature of the complex feelings that themes like sexuality, humiliation, degradation, sadism, and masochism evoke in us, we can illuminate a site for identification with the human trafficking industry. Perhaps this line of reflection can help us to become more porous, so that trafficking ceases to be the other’s fate.

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At another meeting I attended, a young lawyer described her involvement in the prosecution of child pornographers. Day after day, alone in a basement of some courthouse, she was asked to watch child pornography. Her task was to decide if this material met the criteria for prosecution. No one she worked with had thought to question the impact of this experience on the young lawyer. She herself seemed almost surprised that she was plagued by images.

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Some children are trafficked to work in illegal sex ..

Several readers have asked me why I wanted to write The Black Lens novel — especially since it deals with such a dark topic like sex trafficking. That’s a great question, so here are my three main reasons:

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Confronting fundamental problems of the human condition and pressing problems of the day, using the broad resources of social research, we seek to provoke critical and informed discussion by any means necessary.

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While sex workers write and participate in political debates in regard to sex work, to what extent do they constitute a link to the trafficked person? I think I am asking the question of personal voice and witnessing. How do these literate figures in the sex worker community speak for the trafficked woman, man, or child? What is the link between a woman or man in an escort service, a dom, a person in control of hours and work practices, and a child under 10 forced to take growth hormones so she can have more “clients per day”?

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These kinds of experience led us to think a lot about secondary traumatization. And every time we have talked at some NGO event or indeed to anyone about the trauma suffered by caretakers and aid workers, people notice. They sit up and take notes. It seems likely that we might make more progress helping the helpers than helping and freeing the persons trafficked. This is both alarming and saddening.