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Compose an essay in which you discuss the meta narrative(s) at play in the work of Cindy Sherman. Your response should reference the general characteristics of postmodernism before moving on to Lyotard’s definition. In addition, you should ground your response in at least three of her series while also discussing individual photograph

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Write an essay explaining how Sherman Alexie develops a theme in the novel. Discuss evidence from the novel to support your claims. Organize your essay around a direct thesis statement and develop it fully. You will have more than an hour to write your essay.

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Although Sherman was a self-educated shoemaker, raised on the western frontier of Massachusetts, he would eventually distinguish himself as a surveyor and astronomer; join the Bar of Litchfield, Connecticut; and serve as both a professor of religion and treasurer of Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut. He served in numerous elective and judicial offices, including in the Second Continental Congress, in the Connecticut General Assembly, and as justice of the peace, justice of the Superior Court of Connecticut and a representative in the first United States Congress. Sherman was the mayor of New Haven and a member of the United States Senate at the time of his death. Sherman was as prolific in his personal life as he was in his political career. He had seven children with his first wife, Elizabeth Hartwell, and eight more with his second wife, Rebecca Minot Prescott.