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For this short essay (2-3 pages), you are not expected to have much background in the early history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, but you do know something about the critiques and visions that produced utopian communal experiments. You might think of your essay as an exploratory essay, in which you attempt to understand Governor Winthrop's perspective and his goals in 1630 when he gave the sermon to his fellow Puritans while on board the Arabella. In your reading, focus on the “modell” that Winthrop presented for the new society that the Puritans would be creating in the north American wilderness, considering his model historically (from the perspective of his era and culture rather than comparing it to a present-day perspective).

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Once again, this is a short essay. Pick a section of his account of the Shaker community and society in Shirley, Massachusetts, to discuss and analyze. Consider the context in his essay in which he located the section and then focus on how he developed his discussion in this section. What did he consider and describe? What questions did he pose (if any), and what answers and assessments did he propose (if any)? While you should keep in mind that his descriptions and assessments were influenced by his particular interests and concerns, and that his account reflected his view of himself as a nineteenth-century observer and writer, keep your focus squarely on what he wrote in that section.

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In the first essay, you discussed and analyzed a primary source: Winthrop’s model of Christian charity as the basis for a godly community. In the second short essay, you should discuss and analyze a nineteenth-century source that was written as a “secondary” source (from an outsider's perspective) but that we might consider as a primary source: William Dean Howells’s 1876 observations and reflections about the Shaker Village at Shirley, Massachusetts.

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