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As southern Mesopotamia slowly became a wasteland, people began migrating away as environmental refugees, and perhaps the most famous is , the Old Testament’s founder of the Israelites. Abraham migrated from Ur around 2000 BCE and ultimately settled in . I respect , who was a historical figure, but modern archeologists and historians have not been able to establish much historical accuracy in the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. There is little or no evidence that existed, or that the , conquest of (the evidence is that Israelites Canaanites), and many other Old Testament events really happened. If there was any historical truth at all, the facts were inflated into fantastic stories designed to serve various agendas.

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Traditionally, evolutionary biologists have focused on single evolutionary lineages. Though many other species (of brachiopods, mollusks, bryozoans, etc.) also seemed to be showing patterns of stasis, origination and extinction very similar to the trilobites I was studying, I deferred studies of all these very different species to the appropriate experts. This is the main reason why the important pattern of “coordinated stasis” escaped attention for so long: paleontologists by and large must stick to the groups with which they have developed professional expertise.

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“On the Origin of Species” (Darwin, 1859) proposed two main principles: evolution really occurs and natural selection is its mechanism.

Those attributes are far more easily described than achieved, but my essay is about developing them. The rest of this essay explores those issues in some depth. More than 30 years after I began dreaming of changing the energy industry, I to organize the thousands of reactions to the of FE that I have witnessed, and I will refer to it for the remainder of this essay. I have yet to find a reaction during my journey that does not easily fit into that framework’s categories.

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The five year trip on the HMS Beagle to South America opened his eyes and later in 1859 Charles Darwin Published the world-changing book, On The Origin of Species.

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From the beginning, this scientific theory gave way to multiple misinterpretations and missapropriations by different kinds of theorists and especially by social scientists.

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In order to explain these misunderstandings, one must first point the main differences between darwinism and other forms of evolutionary theories, especially, Lamarckism.

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Specifically, chimpanzees share the closest genetic relationship among all of the apes with humans and this suggests that the question of human origins really consists of three sub-questions.