~Russian ProverbKindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.

As this young woman gets older, she learns more and more about life through the townspeople of Maycomb County; Courage, kindness, cruelty, and love are some of the main lessons portrayed throughout the book....

The second reason Santiago is a hero is because he shows a lot of kindness to everyone he meets....

Kindness is needed in life because we need to be grateful for what we were given and help others who aren’t stricken with the same abilities, kindness results in a more worth while life, and everyone needs kindness to live....

Kindness is a major element of, do on to others as done on to you.

~Robert Brault, Sure the world breeds monsters, but kindness grows just as wild...

Not only does one experience a sensation of relief and joy whenever performing an act of kindness, the deed also affects the person whom the kindness was directed towards.

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~Benjamin Disraeli

How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it!
~George Elliston

'Xtend to everyone a kindly greeting.

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The issue in this episode is whether or not Joey can be proved wrong by Phoebe that all acts of kindness are not done to achieve personal gain, but rather that an act of kindness can be done simply to help another person while expecting nothing in return.

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As a central figure in the play, Scrooge’s character development throughout the play acts out a major theme of the power of kindness and cheer in relationships in the production....

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~Og Mandino

If every man's internal care
Were written on his brow,
How many would our pity share
Who raise our envy now?
~Peitro Metastasio

Kindness is the greatest wisdom.

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Proven by researchers in Great Britain by a study that was published in the Journal of Social Psychology, the researchers provided proof that people who perform daily acts of kindness feel more personal satisfaction and happiness (Dixon)....

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~Terri Guillemets

Have you had a kindness shown?
Pass it on;
'Twas not given for thee alone,
Pass it on;
Let it travel down the years,
Let it wipe another's tears,
'Til in Heaven the deed appears -
Pass it on.
~Henry Burton,

Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favorable light at all times and under all circumstances.