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In 2016, voters in Berkeley, California, overwhelmingly favored lowering the voting age for school board elections to sixteen. San Francisco came close to passing a similar measure, Proposition F, which would have lowered the voting age to sixteen for all local elections. Unofficial results indicate it lost by approximately 52%–48%. This close outcome suggests that advocates may continue to push the measure in the future, with a fairly strong chance of success once voters are better educated about its merits. Lowering the voting age is by no means a radical idea. The Maryland municipalities of Takoma Park and Hyattsville recently lowered the voting age to sixteen for their own elections. Turnout among sixteen– and seventeen‐year‐olds has been relatively robust, strengthening the democratic process in these cities. Moreover, several countries, including Brazil, Argentina, and Scotland, allow sixteen‐year‐olds to vote.

Voting age should be 16. Don’t drag the argument towards new born. It’s flawed argument.

Ashton Spina I would rather have a 16 year old who is working voting that a 21 year old student (could even be older if they go on for the full academic journey).
On one side there is a age gap, on the other a work/life experience gap. The 16 year old is working and paying taxes. No taxation without representation, if a person can work and support the state with tax, they should be allowed to vote.

Should the voting age be lowered to 16

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No. At 16 in most European countries people still aren’t allowed to drink alcohol and drive cars. Yet you want to give them the say in how the country is governed? They are still kids. Even at 18 they are still kids and most of them have no idea how politics works.
I believe in fact there shouldn’t be an election reform. There should be an education reform and we should start teaching kids at school how a democracy works and how the EU works. You can’t have adequate voters if they know nothing about politics and how their country is governed.

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The brain is fully developed first at the age of 25, which means that young people of 16 should not be able to vote because they are still children and can not fully take care of themselves – then why should 16-year-olds be able to vote?

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Some claim that 16 years old teenagers should have the possibility to vote because it allows them to experience and be more interested in the news, politics and knowledge. There is some truth in it, but once again – 16 years old teenagers are not fully mature to take own decisions. They can get access to knowledge in other ways than to make it able for them to vote at an age of only 16.

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The brain of any teenager is not fully developed until they are in their mid 20 to 30. So in reality, 18 year olds should vote as they have not reached adulthood. Also if 16 year olds committed a crime they will be said that they are a child and doesn’t need to go to jail.

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It is sad that young people’s wisdom and intelligence are underestimated so much… The amount of disrespect that adults have towards under 18s doesn’t show much maturity either… Calling a child of whatever age stupid or an idiot just shows the amount of rejection and negativity children and young people have to go through until they reach 18. This is enough to make them grow up early… At 16 they are already perfectly capable of forming their own opinion. Those who can’t, or are not interested in politics (just like it is with adults) will simply choose not to vote. Voting age should be lowered to 16. Young people should have a say on their future. Their brains are developed enough for that. Once upon a time men thought that women are too stupid to vote…

The Voting Age Should Be Lowered to 16

If we can’t film 16 yo cunts when we have sex with them, they should not be able to vote. How about women all ages not voting. Why not?! They listen to their hearts not minds.