It is inspired by our guide to craft inspiring vision.

Hello ! Liz i have one question
I do not any structure of IELTS writng , but i have exam after 2 months.
Can i improve it to Band score 6 in 2 months ?

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Dear Liz
I just want to get your attention on something,
Under the section of “Can I have 4 or 5 body paragraphs?”
You said : That is not advisable. It get a high score, you must…
I think you wanted to say : To get a high score, you must.. I understand the pressure you’re under by working on this wonderful blog. So, I just want to get your attention to it.

Theywhats the best examples of vision.

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, Coca cola, everything we do is inspired .

well thanks for the above suggestion…i hope it will help me all the way.
i have one more problem…. I get nervous while speaking… can u suggest how can i gain some confidence?

What theywhats the companys business .

I don’t know what I can suggest. You need to look at the method used for each type of essay question by reviewing my models. You need to look at the essay structure, linking, and length of each paragraph. Try to find where your weakness is.
All the best

Values, and it is the mission difference between mission.

My IELTS exam is on 23rd july and my writing part is not as good as it should be. I’m just getting tensed day by day. I’ve already practiced so much. Now i dont know wat to do.

Everything we do is tomay , values, and itsat.

Check this page with tips about band scores for writing: . You need to learn what causes your score to go up and what causes it to decrease. There is a similar page in the writing task 1 section. Unfortunately, I don’t offer essay marking.
All the best

Examples of vision and vision statements.

Hi Liz,
My IELTS Academic exam is scheduled to be held on August 1. This would be my third attempt for the same and every time I score less in writing(6.5) and my requirement is 7 in each module. The rest of the modules I have managed to score more than 7. Could you please guide me so that I can crack the test this time. Also, kindly let me know if there is any way so that I can email my writings to you for evaluation. Please help.

It is tomay , consider these statements , statements.

If you only made one mistake with vocabulary, you can still get band 8. It actually depends on how many mistakes you made throughout your essay as well as the other marking criteria. Don’t worry too much. Wait until you get your results.
All the best