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Upon declaring the major, each student is assigned an adviser by the Chair of Undergraduate Studies. Students should consult with their advisers at least once a quarter. While the chair monitors progress to completion of the degree, the adviser oversees the student's general intellectual development and offers advice about courses and projects. Students are also encouraged to develop relationships with other faculty members who may act as mentors.

Courses offered by the Department of Comparative Literature are listed under the subject code   .

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1 - 5 St. Albans Rd, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire FY8 1UB

The department offers a Doctor of Philosophy and a Ph.D. minor in Comparative Literature.

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Adjunct Professor: Timothy J. Reiss (Autumn, Winter)

Given, then, that this is the mechanism which generates unconditionalscientific prophecies, Popper makes two related claims abouthistoricism: (a) That the historicist does not in fact derive hisunconditional scientific prophecies in this manner from conditionalpredictions, and (b) the historicist cannot do so becauselong-term unconditional scientific prophecies can be derived fromconditional predictions only if they apply to systems which arewell-isolated, stationary, and recurrent (like our solar system). Suchsystems are quite rare in nature, and human society is mostemphatically not one of them.

COMPLIT 11Q. Shakespeare, Playing, Gender. 3 Units.

From the turn of the 19th century to well into the 20th century, novelists developed the theme of alienation and the decline of civilization. Along with the fall of centuries-old empires, World War I brought about the collapse of traditional European values and the dissociation of the subject. The aestheticizing of violence and the ensuing insecurity inaugurated the society of totally administered life, based on universal suspicion and pervasive guilt. The seminar will study narrative responses to these developments in some of the foremost authors of the 20th century from several European literatures: Knut Hamsun, Joseph Roth, Ernst Jünger, Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, Curzio Malaparte, Thomas Mann, Mercè Rodoreda, Antonio Lobo Antunes, and Jaume Cabré. Taught in English.
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COMPLIT 37Q. Zionism and the Novel. 3 Units.

In 1969 a group of university students and Native activists calling themselves the Indians of All Tribes gathered on Alcatraz Island in an act of political protest that would turn out to be the longest occupation of U.S. lands in the nation's history. Claiming title to the territory under a nineteenth-century treaty, the Indians of All Tribes broadcasted their protest through an independent radio show and newsletter that included important political and poetic writings by the activists. This course builds outward from the Occupation of Alcatraz to understand the deep historical relationship between political resistance and poetic expression in Indigenous communities. We will read broadly on poetics and Indigenous political theory, beginning with non-alphabetic writings and Indigenous understandings of communal and political life, and concluding with formally innovative collections by Indigenous poets working on issues like climate justice and language revitalization.
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