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Not surprisingly, the underconsumptionists tend to hate tax cuts, don't like capital, and believe that capital and profits should be taxed away in order to stimulate demand by way of government largesse (which, coincidentally, may also get the responsible politicians reelected).

“Between stimulus and response there is a space

Initial stimulations (n = 3; 2.0-3.0 mA) [of the right angular gyrus] induced vestibular responses, in which the patient reported that she was "sinking into the bed" or "falling from a height". Increasing the current amplitude (3.5 mA) led to an OBE ("I see myself lying in bed, from above, but I only see my legs and lower trunk"). Two further stimulations induced the same sensation, which included an instantaneous feeling of "lightness" and "floating" about two metres above the bed, close to the ceiling (Blanke et al. 269).

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[] In response to this point Allan Kellehear argued that I understate the differences between NDE content and those features "we might predict from social expectation" (Kellehear, "Culture" 148). He noted, for instance, that NDE visions have included such consciously unexpected features as colors unlike anything ever seen before, encounters with supernatural beings lacking either male or female traits, and visions of huts suspended in mid-air (149). While such imagery is undoubtedly bizarre, surely we should not assume that hallucinatory imagery is completely by cultural conditioning; rather, it is merely by it. Extracultural factors shaping hallucinatory content include expectations—some conscious, some subconscious—and the unusual physiological states accompanying hallucinations. Unusual neurological conditions might very well produce experiences of novel colors, just as they can produce transient synesthetic experiences which 'blend' colors with other sensory modalities (e.g., seeing the 'color' of a particular musical tone). Moreover, bizarre visions of androgynous beings and hovering huts, which may very well call up imagery which is not expected, are the norm for altered states of consciousness like dreams, and thus not particularly compelling evidence that NDEs represent sojourns into a transcendental dimension of reality.

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I explain the Barro theorem, how it constrains the debate even if it isn't literally true (how it's false matters a lot), and I respond to Krugman and Delong's latest outrages, in particular the claim that stimulus opponents have no model.

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Upload the question you propose to test in this lab activity to the Stimulus – Response Lab – Procedure Dropbox. Be sure to identify the dependent and independent variables and include and any controls to be used. Once you have received feedback and approval from your teacher, proceed to step 2.

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Feedback loops are used by the body to respond to a stimulus. In this lab activity, you will plan an investigation into the stimulus response feedback loop.

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Upload your planned procedure to the Stimulus – Response Lab – Procedure Dropbox to be reviewed and approved by your teacher before proceeding with your test(s).

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Moreover, the fact that Pam's NDE began during an entirely nonthreatening physiological condition—under general anesthesia at normal body temperature—implies that there was no particular physiological trigger for the experience (such as anoxia/hypoxia). Rather, it appears that her NDE was entirely expectation-driven. Before going into surgery, Pam was fully aware that she would be taken to the brink of death while in the standstill state. Awakening from general anesthesia by the sound of the bone saw appears to have induced a fear response, which in turn caused Pam to dissociate and have a classic NDE. Indeed, this makes sense of her otherwise odd report of being pulled out of the top of her head by the sound of the saw itself.