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It was only a matter of time before these conditions would forcechange. The question was when. With America embracing a laissez fairephilosophy few in government favored interfering on behalf of theworker, of whom many where immigrants. The ideals of social Darwinismand rugged individualism created the mentality that if the workerswhere to improve their lot in life then they would have to do itthemselves, and it wasn't easy!

Taken at the World Trade Center site shortly after 9/11

It is wrong to value fashion when we do not value the people who make fashion real.

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Maitland, Ian. Sweatshops and bribery: The great non-debate over international sweatshops. Ethical Issues in International Business, 1997, 597- 608.

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Nietzsche asserts that the suffering of individuals should be morally accepted where such suffering liberates a greater number of people such as that of Zarathustra. This implies that in some cases, exploitation may be necessary to drive morality. Nietzsche’s argument is considered more reasonable than that presented by Rand that the argument against exploitation is based on human pursuit of their own self interest.

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Up in the Air. Directed by Jason Reitman, performances by George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick and Danny McBride, Paramount Pictures, 2009.

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Exploited employees often fail to be compensated for the efforts they go through. For instance, Maitland describes potential exploitation in the sweatshops based on accusations of poor pay, use of child labor and disregard for human rights violations (597). Exploitation not only hampers individual growth among employees but can also result in the loss of organizational productivity where there are other alternative sources of income. Maitland and the movie ‘Up in the Air’ present two perspectives to the consideration of exploitation in the corporate scene. In Maitland’s depiction of sweatshops, the satisfaction and desire to keep jobs is based on the fact that the companies pay their employees above the normal wages in their host countries (Maitland 603). While this is understandable, critics argue that this is based on ignorance since the same companies pay higher wages in other countries. The arguments of the critics notwithstanding, the fact that companies comply with the basic principles of human dignity based on Kantian philosophy is an indication of the absence of exploitation. On the other hand, the movie creates an impression that people desire to remain in their jobs due to the difficulty of getting another one. As exemplified by the woman who commits suicide after firing, it is clear that the movie society is structured such that getting another job after being fired is extremely difficult. In such an environment, people desire to stay in their jobs in spite of exploitation hence their expressed desires are not an indication of the absence of exploitation. In the latter case, exploitation may be considered as the stepping stone to achievement rather than a hindrance of the same as postulated by Nietzsche.

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