Let's see who can push themselves to the limit!"

11. Individual development and personal expression is virtually non-existant. Instead, a strong conformist mentality is encouraged, since this inflexible mindset is what makes it easy for a sensei to rule the dojo.

Come train with Grand Master Shin and experience the difference for yourself.

The friendly and professional staff has timelessly assisted thousands of people in and around Thousand Oaks to realize their dream of becoming a Black Belt.

self development through self defence

"One of the best parts about Tae Ryong Taekwondo is training with Grand Master Shin.

85. When you practise self-defense, it’s always based on a scenario where your opponent steps towards you with a straight punch and then leaves his/her arm dangling in front of you as you execute 5-10 different finishing techniques.

16. Your sensei studied marketing longer than Karate.

Okinawa was an important historical trade hub between many Southeast Asian countries, like Siam (modern day Thailand), Burma, the Philippines, Taiwan and Korea.

17. Instructors are required to have the dojo’s decals on their car.

You gradually start noticing things. You start seeing stuff in a new light, and day by day you realize that perhaps your sensei isn’t the “godlike” master of universe you once thought he was.

18. You never practise low kicks.

You see, after cultivating Toudi for many years in Okinawa, a handful of local practitioners (including Funakoshi Gichin, Mabuni Kenwa, Miyagi Chojun, Motobu Choki etc.) wanted to spread this art to mainland Japan.

19. There is a sign that says “Guaranteed Black Belt”.

You have been training in your dojo for many years now, but a weird feeling is slowly creeping up on you, giving you that uncomfortable sensation in the pit of your stomach.

20. There are 11th dan, 12th dan, 13th dan or even higher grades.

Tae Ryong prides itself on helping so many achieve this goal over the past 17 years, takes an active role in building a strong and happy community that extends beyond the studio doors.

21. Your sensei has one of those grades.

It is a sparkling facility centrally located in beautiful Thousand Oaks (paled only when compared to the students who train there), close to schools, shopping and restaurants.