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I have had great moments of happiness in my life, but the most important of all was when I graduated from University. This represent for me one the biggest achievements I ever had. However, I consider that there are other important things besides to college degree like heath and money, even though money is not everything in life, but it facilitates happiness a great deal.

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Most memorable moment of life, when I was in sixth standard. It was annual day celebration in my, every student of my class participated in the cultural function. Everyone performed very well, as I guessed, I never won any prize, so I was not aspecting that I would win, but I got surprised when my name was announced for the first prize, I got happy and I think it was happiest moment of my life.

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The most happiest moment in my life essay

Some recent moments of happiness in my life would have to be when my minature dauchaund got attacked by our neighbors dogs and we had to rush him to the vets to get xrayed and stiched up, im very happy he will be alright!…Hel be sore for a long time though, but i can handle that over him not being here with me!

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the happiest moment of my life is knowing that i have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in my freezer. That just makes me the happiest girl in the world. (:

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Some recent moments of happiness in my life are becoming an aunt for the third time in November; getting Saved on October 15, 2011; and simply living every day for every moment. This year has found me at a much lighter place than I have been for my entire life.

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As I’ve been going through the process of college enrollment and the ilk my most recent moments of happiness have been thus involded. I’ve been accepted into each of the colleges to which I’ve applied and each acceptance letter I’ve recieved has imparted a small measure of thrill and joy to me. I refrain from neadlessly exceeding what is required, at least in most daily matters, and in the matters in which I apply myself I savor the joy of accoplishment.

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The Happiness moment in my life was when i was walking around my house and i looked under a bucket and it was a kitty under it. And i took it in the house. A while later like weeks went by i found the kitty in my pool dead.

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Well of course I agree with Mr. Cohen because it is true!! I could see this in my family; my mom and dad are always worrying about money because they always think in the future so they want to save it for emergencies. Sometimes the stress and worry put them in a bad mood. By the way; the happiest days of my life was when I was living with my grandmother in Mexico!! These make me so happy because I enjoy the company of my grandma and the tranquility of the place where my grandma lives.