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Energy System Usage in Touch Football Creatine Phosphate System: 80%
Lactic Acid System: 8%
Aerobic System: 12% The creatine phosphate system would be used more with players in the middle or link, they would probably scoop from dummy half, role or pass the ball to a team member, by then CP store should be all used up.

First Energy System Touch Football

The three energy systems include the Creatine phosphate (anaerobic), the lactic acid (anaerobic) and the aerobic energy system (see appendix 1).
Step 3
If an individual such as myself, wants to succeed in touch football it is important to exercise the three above energy systems by paying attention to 5 of the 10 fitness components; muscular Endurance, Speed, Agility, aerobic capacity and Co-ordination (see appendix 2).

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