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Playing a work of art; that is, inhabiting an artistic world and actually interacting with it is a relatively new idea. Because this is such a new idea, we cannot use old methods to study it. By this I mean that as a film critic, Roger Ebert is not qualified to speak on the artfulness of videogames. On their own, film criticism, literary criticism, and music criticism aren't really enough to explain or critique videogames. The technical or professional study of games has existed for some time now. Programming, sound design, and game mechanics are courses of study at various colleges and universities. But if games can be art, then they need to be studied from an artistic perspective. Only then can we truly understand videogames for whatt they are, and how they can be made artistically richer.

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Video game design means development of video game. Video game development involves two companies, one of which is the developer and the other is publisher. Developer is the company, which directly creates a game and in general is completely focused on the technical component of the development process.

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Video game design means development of video game.

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