conquest and occupation of the Philippines that began in 1899.

Introduces understanding, speaking, reading, and writing skills and emphasizes basic German sentence structures. Part I of II. May include one additional hour of oral practice per week.

Convener of Class: Tamm, David J., Adjunct

'Third PartyDetermination': Who, What, Why?: The Deregulation Act 2015 and the AgriculturalHoldings Act 1986: Bulletin of the Agricultural Law Association

M.A. International Studies University of Krakow, Poland

B.A. Political Philosophy Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI

Focuses on creative concepts of graphic design problem-solving using electronic technology; includes techniques specific to computer-generated publication design and imagery. Required for students pursuing careers in graphic design with emphasis on use of the computer. Part I of II.

of 'C' or better must be attained. 45 Class hours.

Provides supervised on-the-job training in selected business, industrial, or service firms in the horticulture industry coordinated by the college.

Objectives: Because PHCC is a learning-centered institution with a

Introduces students to the principles and practices for safe pesticide usage as required by law in the state of Virginia. Prepares students for the official tests administered by VDACS (Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services).

mission that involves 'developing its students as individuals

Introduces students to the general knowledge of water and nutrient relationships as they relate to soilless media. Examines plant/water relationships and optimum nutrition.

*That the student may demonstrate a knowledge of the continuities and

Familiarizes students with organic small-scale food production through lecture and demonstration. Includes seed saving, cover crops, and gardening planning.

discontinuities in Western historical, political and economic

Provides students an opportunity to apply basic knowledge of house and garden projects. Includes the selection and correct use of tools and equipment and practical hands-on installation instruction using the campus site as project models.

development from the emergence of ancient civilizations in the Near

Studies landscape use of plants. Considers ornamental value, growth habit, identification, and limitations. Focuses on trees and shrubs. Part I of II.