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From her appearance and behavior, to her political and religious views, there is much to tell about the Wife of Bath, for her prologue and tale are quite long.

He purposely makes The Wife of Bath stand out more compared to the other characters.

The Wife of Bath demonstrates her understanding and power throughout her first three marriages both physically and emotionally and the contrast of her lack of control in her last two, thus revealing the true meaning behind what she believes is experience during these marriages....

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One of them is the coquettish Prioress while the other one is the partially deaf Wife at Bath.

As an independently traveling woman who has not only her own means but also her own out-spoken opinions, the Wife of Bath represents a creature that many assume was rather rare in the 14th and 15th centuries.

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The Wife of Bath is a controlling and headstrong woman. She craves dominance over her husbands. She believes that, in order to be her husband, the man must be subservient and that she is the head of the household. Even thought she has been married five times, she has never let the man hold the upper hand. Out of the five, "three were good husbands, two of them were bad" (Chaucer 224). She was first married at the age of twelve and is now forty...

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Overall the wife of Bath comes to the conclusion that no matter what a woman does she will always be in the wrong and there is nothing that truly constitutes a “pure” wife.

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Nevertheless, the Wife of Bath got the upper hand in this marriage as she had done in the other four and as she would probably do in the sixth, which she declared herself ready to welcome.

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Chaucer gives in-depth descriptions in the general prologue of all the characters and how they live their lives, from the knight, to the Wife of Bath, to the host.

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Through the Wife of Bath, Chaucer investigates the difficulty of self-realization for a woman in this restrictive environment. The wife of bath, Alison, represents antifeminist stereotypes and searches for happiness and a place in a patriarchal society. Unfortunately, Alison is never in tune with who she really is as a woman. Chaucer uses a series of ironies to eventually show that under her seemingly confident guise,...