The Wife of Bath is one of these characters.

When comparing the Wife of Bath, an older pilgrim traveling to Canterbury, and the Fairy Queen, a beautiful and supernatural woman, we uncover distinct similarities and differences in their lives.

Among them, the sixth story, The Wife of Bath's Tale, left the strongest impression on me.

Overall the wife of Bath comes to the conclusion that no matter what a woman does she will always be in the wrong and there is nothing that truly constitutes a “pure” wife.

The Wife of Bath is a very interesting character....

He purposely makes The Wife of Bath stand out more compared to the other characters.

With her unusual social views and her lengthy and questionable marital history, the Wife of Bath unashamedly sets herself opposed to many centuries of well-entrenched ideologies and as well as some of the other Pilgrims....

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On the other hand, The Franklins tale disapproves of the Wife of Baths philosophy by saying that equality and trust are essential in holding a marriage together as expressed here: .......

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The widow named Alisoun in the “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” told the tale of her experiences with her five past husbands and a story about a knight and a witch.

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As an independently traveling woman who has not only her own means but also her own out-spoken opinions, the Wife of Bath represents a creature that many assume was rather rare in the 14th and 15th centuries.

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Chaucer gives in-depth descriptions in the general prologue of all the characters and how they live their lives, from the knight, to the Wife of Bath, to the host.

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The wife may fit into the perceptions of lust and greed simply because she uses sex as a tool to manipulation to receive whatever it may be her husband’s hold possession over.

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From her appearance and behavior, to her political and religious views, there is much to tell about the Wife of Bath, for her prologue and tale are quite long.