As for Japan, in Pearl Harbor it just started a war it could not win.

Our fields are naturally beautiful. The Common Rye, Vetch, Clover, Bermuda, Johnson and native grasses are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The calves are rotated on three different pastures, to allow them non stop foraging on new growth. They are never fed grain products.

The smaller Royal Air Force was initially losing the battle to the stronger Luftwaffe.

We have created a one-stop buying experience through our retail farm store. We provide a wide range of products and we are always creating more from raw or "live" milk and dairy products, organic fed pastured broiler chickens and eggs, 100% grass fed beef by the cut, quarter, half, or whole cow, detox teas and juices, and homeopathic skin care. The products are made and sold at our farm store by my wife Ellie. We will ship any products except our raw/live dairy products.

The difference was significant.

Now they were ready to meet them and sink them.

Our pastures and family garden are maintained using organic principles since we started the farm in 2004. Our cattle receive Redmond minerals, DE, humates and organic alfalfa pellets as well as apple cider vinegar in their trough water. Our poultry ration supporting our pastured meat birds and brown egg layers is free of soy, gmo grains, and corn.

Originally published on May 21, 2006.

We have also added the equipment to grow hydroponic fodder grass inside our barn. With this we can control the nutrition of our animals and avoid huge hay bills when we have droughts. Custom made fodder growing units will be available in the future for sale in small sizes for chickens or larger units for cattle, pigs, sheep, or goats. During the next 6 months we will add aquaponic units for raising produce and tilapia.

But Miss Pretty Promises never would run again.

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Beautiful pics! I would like to comment to CJ Miller, as for in the wild I can handle the interaction and fighting between horses. But whats totally horrible is, is the fights between horses, caged in a arena with an mare that is on heat to initiated the fight. And then the winner to mate the mare, and then they bring in a another fresh stallion to fight the previous winner, and so it continues, with horses fight literally to death, and mares mated to death, or so much injured that they slaughter the animal and have a barbeque!!! Thats our wonderful human race. At least in the wild, the loser can escape from death and run away.

This battle-scarred veteran on the left goes at it once more:

wow the acton in this is so beautiful and yet so indescribably tormentfull. i feal so whole looking at them i cant wait to take some pictures of some just like it.

At War -- for Dominance and a Mare

Betsy Ross Grass-fed Beef, located 1-hour northeast of Austin in Granger, uses no hormones, no antibiotics, and no grain feed. Ever. We select from the best performing breeds, manage them daily from birth to market, and test regularly for the presence of CLA's and Omega-3's. And we have them!