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On the resulting set of selfie images, we ran automatic face analysis, supplying us with algorithmic estimations of eye, nose and mouth positions, the degrees of different emotional expressions, etc.

 Selfiecity investigates selfies using a mix of theoretic, artistic and quantitative methods:

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Each city has a different style when it comes to selfies. Compare yourself:

In the third and final part of the exhibition, which uncovers the phenomenon from the 1820s onwards, the story of human zoos continues in ever more shocking and degrading ways. Human zoos were at their most popular and derogatory during the “Scramble for Africa” (1876-1912), when only Liberia and Ethiopia remained unconquered and the rest of the continent was carved up by five European powers including England and France.

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In Paris, she attracted the attention of the influential French scientist, Georges Cuvier, who fervently promoted the dangerous myth of the racial superiority of whites. When Baartman died in 1915, possibly from syphilis, at 25, Cuvier made a plaster cast of her body and pickled her brain and genitals. They were displayed at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris until 1974. Her remains were finally repatriated in 1994.

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A metal instrument for measuring racial difference similar to the one Cuvier would have used to categorise Baartman is one of the most disturbing images in this part of the show. “Exotic human exhibits were sometimes treated almost like slaves, as were many poor European workers. Most shockingly of all, they were not permitted to leave their place of exhibition. They could not move around freely, which is what mainly separates them from stage actors,” Jacomijn Snoep adds.

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An example of the degrading nature of human zoos during this period is a photograph that merely reads “Zulu Mealtime”. Three Africans mimic a meal-eating scene in the photo. The Zulu people were vigorously exhibited as brutal savages. This was especially the case after Zulu warriors killed over 80 British soldiers as well as Louis Napoleon, the exiled heir to the French throne, during the Anglo-Zulu war, in 1879 in a bid to defend their diamond-rich homeland in South Africa’s Kimberly region.