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Are you a lover of both film and the written word? If you answered yes, you should think about entering an essay contest that promises to award its winner the deed to a movie theatre, reports .

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They don't really solve any security problem at all.The minute someone writes their own, you'll be as vulnerable to his/her attack than you ever were, even before installing that cool brand spanking new anti-whatever tool.Your typical user is someone who's never seen a computer before, who goes and buys that cool'n'cheap new laptop (with broadband as a bonus, ofcourse) which usually ships with that "cool" operating system that has more holes than cheese, then they manage to boot it up, get it on the net (with the instructions that came with it), doubleclick on the browser icon on the desktop (surprice, the most broken and hardest to configure browser in the universe), and finally start surfing around the net opening and running every "cool" thing they ever come across..Any security measures involving these people (and their machines) should start with an assumption that their machine is already hacked, already running anything they ever came across the net (spyware, trojans, viruses) or any other malicious software designed to do harmful things.Expecting anti-whatever software to fix security problems is security through obscurity at its best..--Ari


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rep entries will be selected by the ENFiD Media/Publicity.
• All entries that made the first cut will be sent to ALL ENFiD-Country Rep for FINAL selection.
The personal information of the entrants will not be disclosed to the judges.
• Selection criteria will be based on: (a) Clarity and cohesiveness of message according to
chosen topic and (b) Creativity of composition.
• ENFiD reserves the right to use/ publish winning essays for promotional purposes
Deadline: Submissions are accepted from April 1 – June 15, 2015.